Episode 8

Rates, recession, and the reason to stay positive with Barry Habib

When the market is uncertain, trend lines are scattered, and the industry headlines turn apocalyptic, there's only a select handful of trusted veterans insiders turn to read the tea leaves—and one of those vets is MBS Highway Founder & CEO, Barry Habib.

Barry has a long and storied history in this industry. As a three-time Crystal Ball Award winner (announced by Zillow and Pulsenomics), the best-selling author of Money in the Streets (which was personally endorsed by Tony Robbins), and the head of a leading resource for lenders and loan officers across the country, Barry is a modern-day mortgage titan, and someone Dale has been proud to call a friend and trusted peer for decades.

We released a special market forecast with Barry earlier this year, but as the Fed gears up for consecutive rate hikes, builder confidence continues to lag behind home sales, and the global economic climate continues to weaken, Dale knew it was time to revive the conversation and take a deep dive into navigating this unique market.

In this Episode

Dale and Barry discuss…

  • The dynamics of the 2022 market, including moves by the Fed to combat inflation and their impact on rates
  • Whether the U.S. is in (or will enter) a recession and the impact recessions have had on housing historically
  • The importance of non-QM products and how to position their potential long-term value to borrowers
  • An updated look at the rent vs buy argument and what's currently best for consumers, even with rates on the rise
  • The importance of mentors, and the impact mentors have had on Barry's life and career
  • The central importance of educating your borrowers and being willing to be vulnerable when presenting loan options

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