Episode 7

Owning the Chair with AIME CEO, Katie Sweeney

As the CEO of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME), Katie oversees the day-to-day operations of the AIME team. She spearheads partnership development, membership growth initiatives, and business analytics.

Previously, Katie served as the Senior Vice President at ARIVE where she successfully brought to market a revolutionary portal that provided an all-encompassing technology solution for wholesale brokers.

Katie’s contributions to the growth and success of the wholesale channel have been noted by HousingWire, who presented Katie as one of 2021’s Women of Influence within the mortgage industry. Mortgage Professional America named Katie to the 2021 Mortgage Global 100 list as well as the Elite Women 2021 award.

In this Episode

Dale and Katie discuss…

  • Katie's meteoric rise to CEO of AIME (the Association for Independent Mortgage Brokers)
  • How Katie has lead a leadership transformation within AIME and positioned the organization for growth in the decades to come
  • Katie's battle with doubting her ability to lead and the journey to finding her unique voice style of leadership
  • The three pillars Katie and her team have implemented at AIME and how they can apply to your business
  • The future of the industry and the impact rapidly rise rates is having on lenders, wholesales, and the broker channel
  • The importance of giving back by coming alongside others in the industry struggling to find their place and purpose


“Leveraging [technology] to be able to do more in a more effective manner, or to create a better experience than what you can offer today, doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't be involved. You have to still be involved. You're the person that they trust. They don't trust the computer. They trust you." — Katie Sweeney

“If you have something to share, or you have the ability to impact the conversation, or there's something powerful that's not being discussed... pipe up! Let somebody know. And speak so confidently, because you wouldn't have been invited and you wouldn't have been included if you weren't supposed to be there." — Katie Sweeney

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